Cloud-native backup and disaster recovery as-a-service
for Kubernetes applications and cloud database services.

CloudCasa is a powerful, scalable, cyber-resilient cloud service for developers, DevOps and IT Ops to backup, recover, and migrate Kubernetes clusters and data including cloud databases. CloudCasa removes the complexity of managing traditional backup infrastructure, while providing application-consistent data protection, migration, and disaster recovery.

What We Uniquely Provide

Unlike backup solutions that are retrofits, CloudCasa is a reimagination of cloud native backup, leveraging our proven expertise in snapshot and data protection and copy data management. CloudCasa exploits the strengths of public cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes to:

Backup Kubernetes persistent data and resources including etcd.
Create and manage snapshots and backups of Kubernetes and Amazon EBS persistent volumes.
Uniquely restore and migrate data cross-cluster, cross-account, cross-region, and cross-cloud.
Encrypt and secure data in transit and at rest in secure storage, with SafeLock immutable copies.
Provide a generous free service plan with unlimited nodes, clusters, and snapshots.

Who We Are

CloudCasa is built and supported by Catalogic Software. Catalogic has an international network of partners, system integrators and resellers that sell and deploy solutions, and we work closely with technology partners such as Red Hat and SUSE Rancher, and with public cloud and cloud storage providers including AWS,  Microsoft Azure, Backblaze, DigitalOcean, Google, and IBM.

Our headquarters is in New Jersey with staff members from around the world, ranging from interns to seasoned industry veterans. In addition to the USA, we have development centers in Poland and India. We complement this workforce with sales and marketing subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Germany.

We’re always on the lookout for talented employees, so please visit our careers page if you are looking for a great place to work alongside some incredibly talented people.



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