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    Hi Leon. The problem is that since the name is the same for those two name-value pairs it is only accepting one. At the moment the matching relationship between multiple label selectors is always logical AND (e.g. match if app=postgres AND env=production), so in that case allowing multiple labels with the same name and different values would make no sense. I assume what you want is a logical OR where it will match if app=postgresql-de-master-production OR app=postgresql-production. Unfortunately, we don’t support that today, although we do have an enhancement request open for it. In the meantime, I’d recommend creating two different backup definitions instead instead.

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    Hi Leon. You can definitely add multiple labels no matter what plan you are using! In any input field that is asking for tags or label selectors you can add multiple name:value pairs by separating them with spaces or semicolons. For example, you can enter “owner:bob; env:production” or “owner:bob env:production”. If you want to verify that the parser is doing what you expect, just click outside of the field and the pairs you’ve added will appear in separate icons underneath. You can also add or remove name:value pairs one a time in this way.

    We should probably add a tooltip or help icon to the UI that explains this, so thanks for bringing it up!

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    Hi Giordano. Unfortunately, no. At the moment, CloudCasa requires the CSI snapshot interface for PVs. CSI volume snapshot operations were beta in Kubernetes 1.17 and are stable as of Kubernetes 1.20, but as you mentioned the CSI driver for Azure volumes is still considered a preview. We hope that this will change shortly, but we are also looking at some alternative ways to address snapshots on some major cloud providers in the near-term. If you would like to contact us at, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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    The CloudCasa team is happy to announce the addition of several major new service features!
    The following new features and improvements became available to all users yesterday.

    Amazon RDS support

    First is the introduction of support for protecting Amazon RDS databases. You can now create scheduled or ad-hoc snapshots of your RDS databases using the same schedule and retention policies that you use for Kubernetes. You can also automatically copy snapshots to other AWS regions for an extra layer of protection. Restore of RDS databases can be done from CloudCasa-created snapshots or copies, from RDS automatic backups, or even from manual snapshots created through AWS.

    Manage protection for all of your RDS databases, across multiple accounts and regions, from one place! All Amazon RDS databases are supported, including Aurora.

    See the RDS Getting Started Guide and the RDS Restore Guide under the Resources page for more details.

    Region choice for backups

    Previously, CloudCasa would back up your Kubernetes resources to a single cloud storage region, but now you can choose which region you would like your data sent to. This is important for customers in certain countries, especially within the EU, who need the ability to restrict which countries their data can be stored in. It can also be used to help minimize egress bandwidth charges by keeping data within your region, or to provide additional protection by guaranteeing that data is sent out of your region. Backup destination region can now be set under the Settings tab. In the near future we will also be adding the ability to set it on a more granular basis.

    Currently all storage regions are provided by AWS, but we will soon be offering a choice of providers as well.

    Pause/Resume scheduling for backups

    You can now pause and resume scheduling of defined backups, for both Kubernetes and RDS. Clicking on a backup in the dashboard will take you to the new backup details page. Clicking on the “three dots” button in the upper right corner of the status summary will provide you with pause and resume options, among others.

    UI Improvements

    Many UI improvements were made for this release, but we’ve maintained the same look and feel and ease of use. Besides the many changes necessary for supporting RDS databases, updates include a new backup details page and the redesign of the Protection tab. We have also introduced the use of push technology in the UI, so that updates are more responsive.

    Other Improvements

    Many other minor or non-user-visible improvements were made, including:
    • The Kubernetes agent can now be installed via a Helm chart
    • Performance and reliability improvements to the Kubernetes agent
    • Platform robustness improvements

    We hope you like the new features! Please feel free to contact the CloudCasa team with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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    Update 1/18

    * When the “All namespaces” option is selected in a backup definition, CloudCasa will now back up every single cluster scoped resource. Before, only those resources that were associated with one or more namespaces were included.
    * Operations on a single cluster are now serialized. When more than one operation (backup or restore) is invoked on a cluster, they will be executed one at a time.
    * The add cluster and edit cluster dialogues now display the Cluster ID for use with Helm-based agent installations.
    * Policies have been moved from the Setup tab to a separate Policies tab.

    If you experience any problem with the UI, please clean your browser cache and try again. This should not be necessary in the future.

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    Update 12/4

    * Fixed a bug that caused jobs to be stuck in RUNNING state.
    * We will now fail deletion of a backup or restore definition if there is a running job using it.
    * The agent now automatically aborts backup, restore, and delete operations that show no progress for 30 minutes.
    * Added more informative messages in job activity.
    * Miscellaneous platform updates

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