Did you know that most attacks on cloud are the result of misconfigurations and mistakes, per industry analyst firm, Gartner?

Continuing with a security-first approach to Kubernetes data protection, CloudCasa now includes Kubernetes Security Posture Reviews to scan your environment for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. If you are running on AWS, CloudCasa also added automated Cloud Security Posture Management to run scans across all AWS regions and major AWS services.

Learn how CloudCasa provides this capability using a curated collection of best-of-breed opensource security tools that have been integrated and optimized into the CloudCasa SaaS service. Security scans can be configured and accessed in the CloudCasa UI under the new Security tab, and scan results are presented as interactive reports that can be searched, filtered, sorted, and flagged.

Join our webinar to learn how, with one service and at no additional cost, administrators and developers can do Kubernetes backup and recovery, and run Kubernetes and cloud security scans to assess their security posture.

Aaron McCune, Solutions Architect at Catalogic Software
Martin Phan, Field CTO at Catalogic Software