Our Kubernetes backup pricing is simple and understandable. Start with our Free backup plan with a 100 GB promotion (no form of payment is required), or choose a paid Kubernetes backup service plan with monthly or annual pricing and support. All plans can manage existing Velero backup installations, and software support for Velero is available also with a paid service plan.

For the CloudCasa Pro plans, pay only for your Kubernetes backup data, and not for the nodes or clusters you are running. All of our Kubernetes backup plans provide free Kubernetes resource backups (or etcd backups), and free Persistent Volume (PV) snapshot and Amazon RDS snapshot management. The CloudCasa for Velero plan is based on worker nodes, while the CloudCasa Pro plans have no limits on worker nodes or clusters.

Kubernetes Backup Plans & Pricing

CloudCasa Free

$ 0
100 GB Free
  • Free K8s resource backups
  • 15 worker nodes for Velero
  • Max 30 day retention ^
  • Unlimited clusters, DBs, nodes ^
  • 3 security scans/cluster/mo. ^
  • 3 users per organization
  • Community support

CloudCasa for Velero

$ 199
$19/mo./node* after 15 nodes
  • Everything in Free Plan
  • Velero monitoring & alerts
  • Velero reporting & audits
  • Multi-cluster management
  • Guided recoveries
  • Central log collection
  • Standard support with 99.9% SLA

CloudCasa Pro

$ 199/699/1499
1/5/20 TB Plans
  • Free + Velero Plan features
  • SafeLock & Object Lock
  • Unlimited Retention
  • API Keys for automation
  • Proactive security scans
  • Unlimited users per organization
  • Standard support with 99.9% SLA

CloudCasa Enterprise  Pro Plan with 50+ TB capacity, customized overages, and enterprise support.

* The quoted monthly price requires a 12-month commitment with annual billing. ^These features do not apply to Velero clusters.

Month-to-month pricing is also available, with initial 6 month promotional discounts available.

Service Plan Details


1.     PV copy/backups up to 100GB are available with the Free plan for a limited time.
2.     If CloudCasa Pro features are used, capacity will be charged at the CloudCasa Pro-1 rate.
3.     If CloudCasa for Velero features are used, worker nodes >15 will be charged at the CloudCasa for Velero rate.