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Immediately benefit from a powerful and easy to use Kubernetes backup solution that does all the hard work for you to backup your multi-cluster applications and provide granular or cluster-level Kubernetes application recovery including cross-account, cross-cluster, and cross-cloud recovery.

Use Velero for your Kubernetes backups? Learn how with CloudCasa for Velero, you can manage and monitor all your backups from a single pane of glass, with multi-cluster and multi-cloud management and restore. Even developers won’t mind managing Kubernetes backups! CloudCasa comes with a generous free service plan (no form of payment required) . Our Pro plans are support unlimited PV snapshots and clusters, and 10 woker nodes for free.

CloudCasa can be self hosted, better yet, use the SaaS backup solution so there is no need to build Kubernetes backup infrastructure, maintain a complex backup installation or worry about the security of your installation. Set it and forget it and you’ll never need to patch it.

CloudCasa and CloudCasa for Velero are an award-winning Kubernetes backup and migration solution that provides:

  • Free Kubernetes resource backup, and free CSI snapshot management
  • Backup solution that supports all distributions, all managed Kubernetes services
  • Cloud account and API integration with Azure, AWS and GCP for advanced features
  • Cyber resilient – tamperproof recovery points for ransomware recovery
  • Multi-cloud data protection with cluster migration via cross-cloud and cross-cluster restores

Backup your Kubernetes cluster resources (etcd) and Persistent Volumes (PVs) to ensure they can be recovered in the event of user error, ransomware attacks, systems failure, or natural disasters. Get advanced multi-cloud features from our native cloud account integrations with AKS, EKS and GKE, including Kubernetes cross-cluster, cross-account, cross-region, and cross-cloud backup, restore, and data migration.

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