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KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

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Kube-Native Data Protection as a Service with CloudCasa and Ondat
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On-Demand Webinar

Kubernetes Backup-as-a-Service

Scan your clusters, backup your resources and stateful data, along with your cloud databases.
With CloudCasa, you don’t need to be security, storage, database, or Kubernetes backup experts.

Kubernetes Backup Service

No new infrastructure or expertise needed.

Cyber Resilient Backups

Security is built into every step of the service.

Powerful and Easy to Use

Set it and forget it - we do the work for you!

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Advanced Features

CloudCasa is a powerful, scalable, cyber-resilient backup service

Immediately benefit from our powerful and easy to use Kubernetes backup service that does all the hard work for you to backup your multi-cluster applications and provide granular or cluster-level recovery.

Try the Free Service Plan

Free snapshots and Kubernetes resource backups. No payment information required.

Fair, Capacity-Based Pricing

Only pay for data that is being protected, and not the infrastructure you are using.

Kubernetes Backup Service Highlights

CloudCasa provides Kubernetes and cloud database backup-as-a-service, built and supported by Catalogic Software.

Cloud Native

Cloud Native

Built with Kubernetes for Kubernetes backup and cloud database backup.

Supports all Distributions

Supports all Distributions

Supports all Kubernetes distributions – on-prem, hybrid, and cloud.

Fair Pricing

Fair Pricing

Fair, capacity-based pricing for Kubernetes PV backups.



Cyber resilient backups - secure, tamperproof with ransomware protection.

Free Service Plan

Free Service Plan

No limits on worker nodes, clusters or snapshots.

Data Protection

Data Protection

Application-consistent data protection including Amazon RDS.

Why CloudCasa

Secure Data Protection Solutions by Catalogic

CloudCasa is so easy to use that even developers won’t mind managing backups. It comes with a generous free service plan (no credit card required) and it is a great alternative to using Velero or Kasten.

30 +

global patents

20 +

years protecting data

95 %

customer satisfaction rating


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Supports all major cloud-based managed Kubernetes offerings, all leading Kubernetes distributions 1.13 and beyond and Cloud Storage Providers

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