Need a Kubernetes Backup, Migration and DR Solution?

CloudCasa Simplifies Kubernetes Migration and Replication

And Deepens Support for Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Get cross-cluster, cross-tenant, cross-region, and cross-cloud recovery, migration and replication made easy!

cloudcasa coming for velero

Velero Backup Essentials

Choose the Kubernetes backup method that works best for you!

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Velero Backup Essentials

CloudCasa Case Study

Learn how CloudCasa simplifies Kubernetes Backup for Tribunal Regional Eleitoral in Para, Brazil.

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CloudCasa Case Study

Best Kubernetes Backup with Multi-Cloud Recovery

Manage Velero backups to enable multi-cluster management, recovery, and support.

Upgrade to CloudCasa Pro to get advanced, multi-cloud Kubernetes application migration, recovery and DR.

SaaS or Self-Hosted

Have it your way! Get the same great data protection features and support, with IAM integration for enterprise single sign-on.

Run Velero Backups at Scale

Securely catalogic, manage and monitor all your Velero backups from a single pane of glass. Get Velero support from our experts!

Powerful and Easy to Use

Set it and forget it - we do all the hard work for you including Velero configuration. Get guided recoveries of your Velero backups.

Try the CloudCasa Free SaaS Plan

Free snapshots, free 100G for PV and resource backups, and free Velero management up to 10 nodes. No payment information required!

Have it your way! Self-hosted or SaaS with Velero support.

Kubernetes Backup and Multi-Cloud Data Mobility

Immediately benefit from the easiest to use Kubernetes backup solution that is now available for self-hosting. Add your Velero clusters to CloudCasa and backup your multi-cluster applications to enable granular or cluster-level recovery, across clusters, accounts, regions and even across clouds!

Try the CloudCasa for Velero Plan

Either SaaS or self-hosted. Manage Velero at scale with centralized configuration and monitoring with guided recoveries. And get expert Velero support!

Kubernetes Backup and Recovery Highlights

CloudCasa is the #1 Kubernetes backup service, named in 2023 and 2024 by GigaOm as a Kubernetes Data Protection Leader and Outperformer.
Get the industry's best multi-cloud application recovery and data migration, now available for your Velero installations or for self-hosting!

Cloud Native

Cloud Native

Built with Kubernetes for Kubernetes backup with full cloud integration and support for Velero backups.

SaaS or Self-Hosted

SaaS or Self-Hosted

The SaaS and self-hosted CloudCasa supports all Kubernetes distributions – on-prem, hybrid, and AKS, EKS and GKE - .

Fair Pricing with Support

Fair Pricing with Support

Start with Free plan to manage Velero backups (up to 10 nodes). Fair, node-based pricing with support for CloudCasa Pro.

Secure and Supported

Secure and Supported

Cyber resilience built-in, support via chat, email, and Slack. Self-hosted option for air-gapped and highly regulated environments.

Open Source Compatible

Open Source Compatible

Manage and monitor your Velero backups from a single console with guided recovery. Start with SaaS. Get Velero support!

Application Protection

Application Protection

Application-consistent backup including databases pre- and post-scripts. Choose from many recovery points.

Why CloudCasa?

Secure Data Protection Solutions by Catalogic

CloudCasa SaaS is so easy to use that even developers won’t mind managing Kubernetes backups. With a generous free service plan (no form of payment), CloudCasa for Velero can manage and monitor your existing Velero installations or you can upgrade to CloudCasa Pro with its simple, node-based subscription model.

30 +

global patents

20 +

years protecting data

95 %

customer satisfaction rating


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CloudCasa supports all Kubernetes offerings, managed Kubernetes cloud services, all leading distributions 1.17 and beyond, Day 2 Management vendors, and object storage providers.

Now supports Velero

Try CloudCasa for Free!

So easy to use you can be up and running backups or managing Velero in less than 10 minutes!

  • Free Plan
  • Free Support
  • Supports Velero

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