CloudCasa is developed and supported by Catalogic Software, who has been in the data protection business for over 30 years. At Catalogic, we are dedicated to providing you the most effective and user-friendly support in the industry, including Velero open source support.
Users with a paid service plan get full technical support through the support portal, that provides an interface to:

  • Find what you need faster.
  • Open support cases directly with CloudCasa Technical Support.
  • Get easy access to our knowledge base and community.

In addition to traditional email and phone support, the CloudCasa team provides a support chat in the CloudCasa user interface to get you immediate help from our expert team, including Velero open source support.

Use one or more support options that work for you:

Reach us Directly

Call Support

877 600 8280


+800 796 27678

EMEA Toll-Free

+1 201 930 8280