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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Native Integration for GKE Backup

Cloud-aware integration for GKE backup that supports Google Compute Disk (non-CSI) PVs, and Google cloud storage for storing your GKE backups.

Any2Cloud to Recover Kubernetes Clusters from GKE to AKS

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a widely used cloud computing platform for several reasons, including their convenient, easy-to-use tools and services.

"I tried CloudCasa against GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine). It is not just a backup. It is a complete solution that let you able to specify what exactly needs to be included in the backup under certain conditions. also what I really like about the restore option is that you can restore to the same or another Kubernetes cluster."
Muhammad Badawy
Senior DevOps Engineer

Key Solution Benefits

Cloud-aware integration for GKE backup, that supports Google Compute Disk (non-CSI) PVs and abilty to store your GKE backups in Google cloud storage.



CloudCasa is primarily a software as a service which means users don’t require any infrastructure to set up and manage GKE backups with CloudCasa.

GCP-native Integration

GCP-native Integration

CloudCasa supports direct integration with GCP on a per-project basis using a custom role. The integration enables auto-discovery, configuration backup, and auto-creation on restore for GKE clusters.

Cloud and Platform Agnostic

Cloud and Platform Agnostic

CloudCasa supports these different infrastructures and different cloud accounts to bridge the gap between the other cloud vendors dealing with different storage class types etc.

Features and Integrations


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