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CloudCasa for Velero

Manage, monitor and support all your Velero backups and configurations across multiple clusters through a single UI. Get access to free and paid Velero support services. Try it as SaaS or self-hosted, in a cloud or on-premises!
CloudCasa for Velero
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“It’s heartening that CloudCasa recognizes Velero as the emerging standard for Kubernetes data protection and is offering a management and reporting service to help with multi-cluster and multi-cloud management. They’ve been active in our community, and we look forward to their contributions to the Velero project.”
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Key Benefits

CloudCasa for Velero is an open source compatible solution for Velero management that adds a dashboard for multi-cluster and multi-cloud Velero observability, workflow and Velero backup managementincluding centralized configuration, monitoring and advanced guided recovery with cloud migration.

Any environment is supported, no matter where you run Velero, whether on-premises, in a cloud like AKS, EKS, GKE or OKE, on Red Hat OpenShift as OADP, or SUSE Rancher.

Need full control of your backup solution? No problem, you can now self-host CloudCasa on-premises or in a cloud.

Operational Simplicity

Zero disruptions to your Velero operations to add your Velero clusters to CloudCasa.


Grow with multi-cluster and multi-cloud management at scale as a service

SaaS or Self-Hosted

Start with the free SaaS version. Upgrade to self-hosted CloudCasa anytime. 


Single pane of glass to see what is working and what is not across the entire multi-cloud environment.


Receive live chat assistance with Velero backup and recovery.

Open Source Compatibility​

Open source compatible Velero backup management with no lock-ins.

Why CloudCasa for Velero?​

  • Catalog: Velero recovery points and configurations including settings, backup definitions, and schedules
  • Manage: in one UI all Velero backups and configuration across multiple clusters and cloud providers.
  • Monitor: monitor and report on multiple clusters in one UI​
  • Recover: Guided cloud and cluster recoveries on-premises or cross-cloud for Velero AKS, Velero EKS, or GKE
  • Support: Utilize expert support and guidance on Velero.

Frequently Asked Questions


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