Award-winning Kubernetes backup service for Amazon EKS backup with cross-region recovery and cross-cloud migration!
  • Free EKS backup, etcd backup and CSI snapshot management
  • Pay only for data you backup, for unlimited nodes, clusters and RDS databases
  • Auto discover EKS clusters, backup resources, and create EKS clusters on restore including across regions
  • Cyber resilient – encryption in flight and at rest, with tamperproof backups for ransomware protection
  • Multi-cloud data protection with cross-account, cross-region, and cross-cluster restores

Backup your Amazon EKS clusters, etcd, Persistent Volumes including EBS, and Amazon RDS to ensure they can be recovered in the event of user error, ransomware attacks, systems failure, or natural disasters.

Are you using Velero for your EKS backups?  With CloudCasa, you get a dashboard to centrally configure, manage, and monitor your Velero backups with guided restore and the ability to migrate clusters and data across AKS, EKS, and GKE for test/dev or disaster recovery.

Sign up for the Free Service Plan to get access to free EKS snapshot management, free etcd backups, free Velero management (up to 10 nodes), with no limits on number of snapshots or clusters.

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GigaOm Radar for Kubernetes Data Protection

CloudCasa Named a Leader and Outperformer

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