Azure Kubernetes Service - Free Backup

Award-winning Kubernetes backup-as-a-service certified for Azure – with free Security Scans

  • Free Kubernetes etcd backup and CSI snapshot management
  • Pay only for the data you backup, with unlimited nodes and clusters
  • Cyber resilient – free security scans,  tamperproof ransomware protection
  • Multi-cloud data protection with cross-cloud and cross-cluster restores
  • No software, servers or storage to purchase and provision

Backup your Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusters, etcd, and Persistent Volumes, to ensure they can be recovered in the event of user error, ransomware attacks, systems failure, or natural disasters.

Perform automated security posture scans on your Kubernetes clusters, using a curated collection of best-of-breed open-source security tools.

Sign up for the Free Service Plan now to get access to free snapshot management, free etcd backups, and now free security scans, with no limits on number of snapshots, clusters or nodes.


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