As a government institution in Brazil, the Para regional electoral courts began to experiment with Kubernetes. It was an immediate concern that the data must adhere to the government requirements and have a full backup of the Kubernetes data protected at an off-site location. Natively, this process is an incredibly difficult task, but CloudCasa makes this easy, for their SUSE Rancher clusters using PostgreSQL on Longhorn storage.

Not only did they use CloudCasa for data protection of their Kubernetes environment to fulfill a requirement, this electoral court has found that CloudCasa offers so much more than Kubernetes data protection. Along with its many administration benefits, and its easy-to-use web interface and snapshot catalog, CloudCasa makes the complex task of managing backup and restores of multi-cluster Kubernetes environments a simple process.

“CloudCasa was a lifesaver last when an electrical failure damaged our data center’s Longhorn nodes. We restored 24 PVs in the app cluster, and everything was operational the same day.”
Manoel Frederico Beltrão, Judicial Analyst at TRE-PA