Velero vs Kasten

Open source Velero is quickly becoming the backup standard in the Kubernetes world. Lets see why switching to closed-source may no longer make any sense!

Velero is the open source Kubernetes backup solution that is widely used by the community. Kasten is a commercial alternative to Velero that was recently acquired by the popular backup company Veeam. 

Let us examine why folks choose one over the other and whether an alternative approach is more suitable to the Kubernetes community. There are many commercial solutions available to users that are like Kasten and many of the factors examined here will apply to them as well


Benefits of Velero Over Kasten

Velero has several benefits that Kasten does not. These benefits are why Velero is the default choice for many, and they move to a commercial alternative only when Velero doesn’t meet one of their specific requirements.

Open Source

Velero is free. It is technology you can trust. Kasten is closed source.

Adoption & Popularity

Velero has been pulled over 50M times and is by far the most popular solution. 

Community Experience

Velero users benefit from the experience of the community. 

Diverse Contributors 

Velero has contributors and maintainers from a large set of vendors: VMware, Red Hat, Microsoft, Dell, and SUSE.

Sustainable Solution

Given its popularity and diverse backing, Velero is inherently 
more sustainable.


Velero is the recommended backup solution for many service providers & platforms: AWS, Azure, Red Hat Openshift, SUSE, and more​.

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Questions Velero have when considering a move to Kasten


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