Immediately benefit from a powerful and easy to use Kubernetes backup and cloud database backup service that does all the hard work for you to backup and protect your multi-cloud, multi-cluster, applications.

CloudCasa is so easy to use that even developers won’t mind managing backups, and it comes with a generous free service plan (no credit card required).

Here are the Top 10 reasons to use CloudCasa backup service vs:

  • do-it-yourself backup product, whether open source like Velero or a product you license and host
  • cloud or enterprise backup product retrofitted with container support
  • cloud vendor’s or any vendor’s VM-level backup, or their single cloud, container backup
  • container storage solution with replication or bundled with a backup application
  • solution that doesn’t offer a free service plan with simple value-based pricing

01. Kubernetes Backup and DR as a Service

With CloudCasa, there is no need to build backup infrastructure or maintain your installations with fast-evolving software updates. Set it and forget it and you’ll never need to patch it, and we do all the hard work for you.

02. Free Snapshots Forever with Kubernetes Resource Backups

Free Service Tier - forever – Unlimited PV and Amazon RDS snapshots and orchestration with up to 30 days’ retention, no limits on worker nodes or clusters, and Kubernetes resource data included.

03. Fair, Capacity-Based Pricing that is Transparent and Simple

Users pay only for the data being protected vs. what infrastructure is in use. CloudCasa supports backup of Kubernetes persistent volumes, including Amazon EBS persistent volumes to cloud storage. It is offered in a new capacity-based subscription model with full transparency.

04. Cloud Database Protection with Application-Awareness

CloudCasa supports snapshotting cloud databases starting with Amazon RDS to ensure application-consistent backups of data outside of Kubernetes. Cloud databases account for a large portion of persistent data for applications running on Kubernetes.

05. Multi-Cluster and Multi-Cloud Management

Multi-cluster, hybrid, and multi-cloud management. Why settle for less! The challenge of manually dealing with self-hosting a product like Velero on a dozen clusters and multiple different installations is very different from dealing with Velero on one cluster.

06. Cyber Resilient, Tamperproof Backups with Ransomware Protection

CloudCasa provides cyber resiliency with a logical air-gap and tamperproof SafeLock protection for your encrypted backup data. Protect your data from a hacker or a ransomware attack, a malicious user, or even accidental deletion by yourself.

07. Automatic Cross-Cloud Protection

CloudCasa protects against local and temporary outages of your cloud provider by allowing you to quickly restore in an alternate zone or region or to an alternate cloud provider. Don’t end up with all your eggs in one basket if your cloud account gets compromised or your application is misconfigured.

08. Intuitive UI with Chat Support

Get the ease of configuration and management from an intuitive GUI that guides you through the initial setup and configuration of backup policies and provides policy-driven automation of the backup and restore operations. Chat with us from the UI if you have a question.

09. Centralized Catalog, Monitoring and Reporting

You don’t have to pray and hope that you have a backup when you need it. From the CloudCasa console, you can quickly monitor your backups and scan your cloud application environment for recovery points, to know you can recover your data. We can also monitor them for you.

10. Amazon EBS Snapshots and CSI Snapshots in One Solution

You no longer need to use multiple cloud backup products to protect your Amazon EKS applications or worry about what type of snapshots are supported. We take care of that for you, and we are adding more public cloud workload support.

As a Kubernetes backup-as-a-service solution, CloudCasa removes the complexity of managing traditional backup infrastructure and it provides the same enterprise-level of data protection that your IT Operations provide today. With CloudCasa, IT doesn’t need to be Kubernetes experts and DevOps doesn’t need to be storage and database protection experts in order to backup and recover your Kubernetes clusters and even your cloud databases. And cyber resiliance and ransomware protection is built it.

CloudCasa provides a generous free Kubernetes backup service tier that includes unlimited worker nodes, clusters, and unlimited CSI and RDS snapshots with 30 days retention.  Protect Amazon RDS with creation and management of database snapshots, schedule and manage multi-region copies of RDS snapshots, and recover RDS snapshots from CloudCasa or AWS automatic backup.

Our goal is to do all the hard work for you to backup and protect your multi-cloud, multi-cluster, Kubernetes applications and databases so you can realize the operational efficiency and speed of development advantages of containers and cloud native applications.

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