Automating Backup and Recovery on Azure Kubernetes Service


Do you have a Kubernetes backup and restore strategy in place for dev/test, staging and production?

In this webinar we will go over the advantages of your backup service having native Integration with Azure and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), to enable automation to:

  • Discover clusters, centralize backup policy management across regions and accounts, and dramatically reduce the time to recover clusters and data.
  • Protect your Kubernetes data including metadata, persistent volumes, cluster resources and even cloud databases
  • Simplify recovery processes, including using Azure Files CSI snapshots, to do cross-cluster recovery, AKS restores, and granular restore of resources by type.

With CloudCasa, DevOps and IT teams can now be confident that their AKS clusters and application data are protected, tamper proof, and fully recoverable while only paying for the data they are protecting.