use cases and challenges for kubernetes cross cluster migration of data

There are many reasons for having multiple Kubernetes clusters, including:

  • Operations – overcoming scale limits, reducing complexity, geo separation, redundancy
  • CI/CD pipeline – separate production, staging, and development environments
  • Hybrid environments – clusters on-prem and cloud, or different cloud vendors

In this webinar we will review the uses cases for these different environments, and the challenges for moving persistent workloads between clusters, such as:

  • Clusters are typically isolated from each other
  • Private network communications between clusters
  • Granular workloads within a particular namespace or label
  • Storage class differences between clusters

Finally, we will review several tools or services for migrating, recovering or cloning workloads across clusters.

Aaron McCune, Solutions Architect at CloudCasa by Catalogic
Martin Phan, Field CTO Americas at CloudCasa by Catalogic