vekero newprice

Welcome to a transformative AMA webinar where we unveil the latest licensing updates for Velero backup, tailored for both CloudCasa and self-hosted environments.

Inspired by your feedback, we’ve redesigned our approach to make your Kubernetes backup strategy more intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Embrace the shift from capacity-based pricing to our innovative per worker node hour model, designed for flexibility and aligned with your unique requirements. 
  •  Discover the direct benefits these changes bring to your organization, streamlining your backup management and aligning with your evolving needs. 
  •  This session is a must-attend, whether you’re a long-standing customer or new to our platform.


Martin Phan headshot

Martin Phan is the Field CTO for CloudCasa and Catalogic Software in North America. He has two decades of experience and specializes in helping customers with their data backup and recovery needs.