In the cloud native world, open-source solutions are popular and widely used. Velero, an open-source project, provides tools to backup, restore, and migrate your Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes. It is quickly becoming a standard for Kubernetes backup. Join this on-demand webinar to learn more about – 

  • Considerations for choosing a Kubernetes data protection solution 
  • Using Velero to protect your Kubernetes resources and volumes  
  • How CloudCasa for Velero offers management and support services to enhance the user experience and meet the requirements of enterprises.  

If an open-source solution for your Kubernetes data protection intrigues you, or if you are already using Velero today, you are at the right place. Register for this webinar and learn about how Velero can be a powerful solution for backing up and restoring Kubernetes applications in case of data corruption, application migration, service outages or compliance. 

Brian Sietsma, Solution Architect at CloudCasa by Catalogic  

Aaron McCune, Solution Engineer at CloudCasa by Catalogic