Velero Open Source Support​ ​

Expert Assistance for Your Backup and Restore Needs

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CloudCasa delivers comprehensive support services for Velero, so that your teams can enjoy the benefits of using open source, and confidently meet your Kubernetes backup and recovery requirements.

Velero is becoming the de facto Kubernetes backup tool. However, only community support has been available to date outside of using VMware Tanzu. Whether you are using CloudCasa for Velero, or Velero standalone in any environment, we can provide you with enterprise support your business needs.


Adopt Velero with Confidence!​

With CloudCasa Support for Velero, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have the expertise of our dedicated team to help you navigate any challenges you may encounter with Velero.

Simplified Velero Support​

Get Direct access to our technical team to resolve your Velero issues

Velero Expertise​

Assistance from our team of experienced Kubernetes and Velero engineers​

Quick Resolutions​

Get help with identifying and resolving issues quickly for your Velero operations​

Best Practices ​

Guidance on best practices for using Velero in your Kubernetes environment​

Continued Growth​

Ongoing support and consultation as your needs evolve​

How does Velero Support Work?​

Chat and Email Support ​

Need to speak to someone right away? Get help and support with our LiveChat and Email support options.

Velero Best Practices Guidance ​​

There is no one way to install or configure Velero. Consult our experts to find out the best practices that suit your environments and requirements. ​​

On-Premises & Multi-Cloud Velero Support​

A single subscription for support of Velero on Kubernetes clusters on-premises or in cloud such as EKS, AKS and GKE

Velero Security Alerts ​​

Stay up to date on security alerts and CVE exposure that keeps your environments and data safe.​

Application and Database Support

Enterprise-grade support for custom hooks and application templates including MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and more. ​

Managed Velero ​

Get access to CloudCasa for Velero to centrally manage your non-air gapped Kubernetes clusters. ​​

Live Velero Monitoring and Auditing ​

Access to CloudCasa for Velero SaaS portal to monitor your job activity in real time​

24/7 Velero Support

24/7 access to our world-class support team through email, phone or LiveChat (upgrade to Enterprise plan is required).

Who are our Velero Experts?​

organic flat customer support illustration 23 2148899174

CloudCasa has been an adopter of Velero for over 3 years and has supported thousands of CloudCasa users with a packaged version of Velero. ​

Our team is active in helping #velero-users slack channel in Kubernetes and our expertise in resolving Velero issues.​

As seasoned developers in Kubernetes data protection space, who have worked extensively with global organizations, our team understands how to overcome both the technical and business challenges involved in driving progress with Velero.​


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