Award-winning Kubernetes backup, migration and replication, certified with SUSE Rancher

  • Free multi-cluster Kubernetes backup, recovery, and snapshot management
  • Multi-cloud data protection with cross-cloud and cross-cluster restores
  • Multi-cloud migration and replication
  • Option to manage existing Velero instances
  • Cyber resilient – end-to-end encryption with tamperproof ransomware protection
  • Agent installation available through Rancher Apps & Marketplace
  • Compatible with RKE2, K3S, and all other major Kubernetes distributions
  • Supports clusters using Longhorn cloud-native storage

CloudCasa provides protection for all of the clusters in your SUSE Rancher environment, including all cluster resources and persistent volumes, ensuring your Kubernetes applications can be recovered in the event of user error, ransomware attacks, systems failure, or natural disasters.  

Are you using Velero with Rancher? CloudCasa also provides a dashboard to centrally configure, manage, and monitor your Velero backups, with guided restore across clusters and across clouds.

Sign up for the Free SaaS plan now to use CloudCasa on clusters with a total of up to 10 worker nodes. Up to 100 GB/month of CloudCasa storage is also included, along with unlimited snapshots and the ability to use your own object storage.

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GigaOm Radar for Kubernetes Data Protection

CloudCasa Named a Leader and Outperformer

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gigaom radar outperformer 2023