Best Kubernetes Backup Service with Free Plan and Velero Support

Award-winning Kubernetes backup with a generous free service plan, support for managing Velero backups, and full cloud integration:
  • Free Kubernetes etcd/resources backup, free CSI snapshot management, and free Velero management (up to 15 nodes)
  • Kubernetes backup service supports all distributions, all clouds
  • Cyber resilient – free security scans,  tamperproof ransomware protection
  • Multi-cloud data protection with cross-cloud and cross-cluster restores
  • Pro plan is capacity-based: pay only for data you backup with unlimited snapshots, nodes and cluster

Get Kubernetes cluster resources (etcd) backup and Persistent Volume backup to ensure applications can be recovered in the event of user error, ransomware attacks, systems failure, or natural disasters. Or to migrate data for CI/CD.

Get advanced multi-cloud Kubernetes backup from cloud account integrations with AKS, EKS and GKE, including cross-cluster, cross-account, cross-region, and cross-cloud backup, restore, and data migration. Perform automated security and configuration scans on your Kubernetes clusters, using open-source security tools.

With CloudCasa, IT doesn’t need to be Kubernetes experts and DevOps doesn’t need to be storage and database protection experts in order to backup and recover your Kubernetes clusters and even your cloud databases. And cyber-resilience and ransomware protection is built it.

Kubernetes Backup Awards

CloudCasa Named a Leader and Outperformer​

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Check out the Top 10 reasons to use CloudCasa for your Kubernetes backup, data migration, and disaster recovery use cases:

Why CloudCasa is a leader in Kubernetes backup

Unlike backup solutions that are retrofits, CloudCasa is a reimagination of cloud native backup, leveraging our proven expertise in backup, recovery, and snapshot management. CloudCasa exploits the strengths of public cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes to:
  • Backup Kubernetes persistent data and resources including etcd.
  • Creates and manages snapshots and backups of Kubernetes persistent volumes and Amazon EBS.
  • Uniquely migrates and restores data cross-cluster, cross-account, cross-region, and cross-cloud for AWS, Azure, and GCP.
  • Encrypts and secures data in transit and at rest in secure storage, with SafeLock immutable copies.
  • Provides a generous free service plan with unlimited nodes, clusters, and snapshots.
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CloudCasa integrates with your AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform accounts to auto-discover your EKS, AKS, and GKE clusters. This allows users to set global Kubernetes backup policies across a multi-cluster, multi-account environment. CloudCasa is a one of a kind, proactive data protection service that also detects vulnerabilities in Kubernetes clusters and Cloud accounts to improve overall security posture.

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CloudCasa Named a Leader and Outperformer

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