#1 Kubernetes backup for OpenShift with OADP support and ransomware protection!

Backup your Kubernetes clusters, etcd, and application data to ensure it can be recovered in the event of user error, ransomware attacks, systems failure, or natural disasters.

  • Free CSI snapshots and Kubernetes resource/etcd backups
  • Cyber resilient – tamperproof ransomware protection
  • Pay only for the data you backup and not per node or cluster
  • Multi-cloud data protection with cross-cloud and cross-cluster restores
  • Operator certified and available in the Red Hat Catalog

CloudCasa for Velero provides Velero users with both Red Hat OpenShift and non-OpenShift Kubernetes distributions with the ability to use the same tool and management platform for enhanced data protection capabilities.

Sign up for the Free Service now (no payment information required) to immediately get free snapshots, free etcd backups, OADP and Velero support, and 100G of free backup storage.

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CloudCasa Named a Leader and Outperformer

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