Managing Velero Backups with Guided Recovery and Support website

At the recent KubeCon in Amsterdam, we received great feedback on how CloudCasa for Velero helps address your pain points with Velero. During this webinar, we’ll focus on: 

• managing your Velero backups, and configuration across multiple clusters and cloud providers
• monitoring all backup and recovery activities across your enterprise
• how to perform guided recoveries from both existing and new recovery points, including full stack cloud recovery.

Join this webinar to learn about guided recovery and full stack cloud recovery with CloudCasa for Velero along with the added support and guidance from CloudCasa. Can’t make it to the webinar? Try the CloudCasa for Velero promotion for KubeCon that is still available. One live attendee will also receive a $100 Amazon eGift card. Speakers Martin Phan, Field CTO at CloudCasa by Catalogic Aaron McCune, Solution Engineer at CloudCasa by Catalogic