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During KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America in Detroit, Michigan from October 24-28, the CloudCasa Team presented exciting new Kubernetes backup and recovery features including:

Google Cloud integration 

CloudCasa now allows GKE users to register their Google Cloud Platform accounts to centralize backup and recovery of all GKE clusters, customize networking, auto-scaling and sizing configuration on recovered clusters and restores backup of any cluster, on-premises or in the cloud.

Any2Cloud recovery that restores the backup of any cluster to any cloud

A feature that restores backup of any cluster to cloud and support for private links, providing private connectivity between clusters, backup storage, and the CloudCasa service without exposing customer traffic to the internet.

Cross-cloud full-stack recovery support

Now you always have the option of creating a cluster on restore if you have cloud accounts configured, regardless of the source cluster. On cross-cloud restores, you will be prompted for cloud-specific Kubernetes parameters if you choose to create a new cluster.

Google and Azure native (non-CSI) volume support

Added support for backing up PVs using additional non-CSI or “in-tree” drivers on AKS and GKE. These include Google Compute Disks on GKE (provisioner “kubernetes.io/gce-pd”) and Azure Managed Disks on AKS (provisioner “kubernetes.io/azure-disk”).

And a boatload more!

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On-Demand Webinars

Hybrid and Cross Cloud Data Protection and recovery for kubernetes ondemand

How’s your multi-cloud data protection and recovery strategy? If you currently use or plan to use one or more hosted Kubernetes services like Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) or Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), join this webinar to learn how integration with your AWS, Azure, or GCP cloud account enables integrated, hybrid and multi-cloud data protection and recovery.

automated cross platform and cross cloud recovery

Get a sneak peek of the new cloud-aware, data protection features that the CloudCasa team demonstrated at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022, including cluster auto-scaling on recovery, continuous cluster refresh and staging, and automated on-premises and cross-cloud recovery.

use cases and challenges for kubernetes data

In this on-demand webinar we will review the uses cases for these different environments, and the challenges for moving persistent workloads between clusters, such as:

  • Clusters are isolated from each other
  • Private network between clusters
  • Granular workloads within a particular namespace or label
  • Storage class differences between clusters
kube native data protection service cloudcasa ondat

In this on-demand webinar, we are going to look at how to overcome these challenges and deliver a data protection strategy for Kubernetes and how Ondat and CloudCasa by Catalogic can help you address these challenges quickly and easily.

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During KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America in Detroit, Michigan from October 24-28, the CloudCasa team will be presenting exciting new Kubernetes backup and recovery features including…

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