Spring is here and we’ve announced another major CloudCasa feature update! Our team has outdone themselves once again by delivering an impressive range of new features that have exceeded all reasonable expectations. 

Our new release, in time for KubeCon in Amsterdam, included the introduction of our new CloudCasa for Velero service, new service plan names, new backup selection options, new restore selection options, new namespace rename options on restore, and many more features!

CloudCasa for Velero

CloudCasa for Velero, our new management service for Velero, allows users of the popular open-source backup tool on Kubernetes to take advantage of CloudCasa’s multi-cluster and multi-cloud management capabilities for their Velero backups without interfering with their existing Velero configurations

Sign Up for CloudCasa for Velero and start managing and monitoring all your Velero backups from a single pane of glass with multi-cluster and multi-cloud management and restore.

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cloudcasa support

CloudCasa is proud to offer a new support service for Velero, the popular open-source tool for backup and restore operations in Kubernetes environments. With our team of expert engineers, we can help you quickly and efficiently resolve issues you may encounter while using Velero by:

  • Simplified Support: Direct access to our technical team to resolve your Velero issues
  • Velero Expertise: Assistance from our team of experienced K8s and Velero engineers
  • Quick Resolutions: Identifying and resolving issues quickly for your Velero operations
  • Best Practices: Guidance on best practices for using Velero in your environment
  • Continued Growth: Ongoing support and consultation as your needs evolve

Looking for more information on our support offering for Velero? Check out our website to learn more and discover how CloudCasa can help streamline your Velero management needs at:

$50 Velero Promotion for KubeCon

Are you a Velero user? Have pain points with using Velero? If yes, this promotion is for you! CloudCasa for Velero makes it super easy to manage, monitor and restore Velero backups across multiple clusters. We’re so sure that Velero users will love it that we’re offering them $50 to try it out.

Follow these 3 easy steps to receive a $50 e-gift card:
  1. Sign up for CloudCasa Free Plan (up to 10 nodes for free)

  2. Add 1 or more Velero clusters; manage them for 2 weeks

  3. Fill out a simple survey to provide feedback

velero 50 promo

DevOps Guide for Choosing the Right Kubernetes Data Protection Strategy

Because of the flexibility and portability of K8s, every environment can be different.This can make choosing a backup solution very difficult. This e-Guide covers 9 topics to consider whene evaluating the best data protection strategy for your environment.

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On-Demand Webinars

Managing Velero Backups with Guided Recovery and Support website

During this webinar, we’ll focus on:

  • Managing Velero backups and config across multiple clusters and cloud providers
  • Monitoring all backup and recovery activities across your enterprise
  • Performing guided recoveries from new/existing recovery points, with full stack cloud recovery.
Manage Monitor and Restore Kubernetes Backups with CloudCasa for Velero Website

Join this webinar to learn how to manage your Kubernetes backups, with support and guidance from CloudCasa. Learn how you can meet your enterprise management, governance, and compliance requirements for Kubernetes data protection.

How to Manage and Run Velero Kubernetes Backups at Scale on demand

Interested in learning how to better manage, monitor, and restore Velero backups at scale? What if you could centrally:

  • Manage Velero backups and configuration across multiple clusters and clouds
  • Monitor all backup and recovery activities across their enterprise
  • Perform guided recoveries from both existing and new recovery points.
make an informaed decision for kubernetes data protection on demand

CloudCasa enables advanced migration and recovery use cases that allow users to easily restore data across clusters, regions, accounts, and cloud providers.
This is important for disaster recovery scenarios including ransomware recovery, for cluster migration, and replication of production environments for dev/test.

Getting Started with Velero for Persistent Volumes on demand

Join us on this webinar where we will walk through the following configuration accompanied by a live demonstration:

  • Installation Overview and Options – CLI Method
  • How to validate your CSI Configuration for Persistent Volumes?
  • Configuring Backup Storage Location (BSL) on S3 compatible provider.
  • Do a snapshot and File System Backup

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